5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed At Night



Dogs are one of the lovely animals you can adopt in your home. If well taken care of with love and affection, they will ensure a good companion, security and loyalty. Most people do everything right by feeding them well, regular medication and all the pampering here and there but when it comes to sharing a bed with them, they get a little cautious. Well its time to open your eyes and see five reasons why your dog should sleep in your bed every night.

Healthy for you

Contrary to the popular belief that sleeping with your dog could be unhealthy, it is actually the opposite. If you’re fighting depression, stress or anxiety, dogs can provide a good therapy session if you curl around them during the night. Keeping stress and depression away can make you less prone to heart attack and even lower cholesterol level. A stress free life is a healthier and happier life. So if you don’t have allergies or asthma, then sharing your bed with a dog is not a bad idea.


dog on bed


Better sleep

Almost every person experiences some sleeping difficulties at one point or another. Too much work, stress and anxiety can deprive you of a beautiful and healthy moment. Curling around your dog and cuddling with them helps increase your oxytocin levels. This is a good hormone to aid relaxation and a feeling of well-being. If you don’t want to keep turning and rolling up and down in your bed for the better part of the night, then its time to invite your pet to share a bed with you. Their soft body and tender snore will serve as a good lullaby and will help you sleep easily.


Living alone can sometimes be scary and you may feel isolated and lonely especially when darkness sets in. Your dog provides another presence in the house that will make you feel safer. Unlike human beings, dog have a tendency to sense danger even when they are deep asleep. They can bark at strangers and scare them away ensuring no intruders invade your home or bedroom at night.


dog in bed



Dogs have a body temperature rising up to so many degrees higher than human temperature. You should make use of their warm feel during cold nights by curling up around them.Their warm bodies will give you a cozy night providing extra warmth that no amount of pillows or blankets can give.So if you want to avoid all the shivering and freezing during winter seasons,having your dog besides you at night is the best decision you can ever make.


dog bed


A treat for your dog

Owning a pet is not only for your benefit but the pet also needs to feel loved and appreciated. What could be a better way to treat your loyal companion other than to give them a good sleeping environment? Just like a good night’s sleep is healthy for you it is healthy for your dog too. So if you take pride in keeping your greatest companion and friend happy then invite them to share your cozy bed every night.


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