“Why Does My Dog Sit At My Feet?” Here Are The Reasons This Happens…



Anybody who has ever taken their time to stop and consequently observe dogs will notice that that they have behavior that is similar and quite repetitive. Many pet owners always wonder why dogs sit at their feet. This is a common behavior with dogs but most people do not know exactly what it means. This same behavior may be caused by several different reasons depending on the specific dog.

Why does my dog sit at my feet? Here are the reasons this happens

There is a reason behind why dogs sit at people’s feet. Why does my dog sit at my feet? Here are the reasons this happens:


dog sitting by feet



Dogs sit at their owner’s feet because they are guarding them. Guarding and being protective of the owner is the ideal way by which a dog can display their unconditional love. It also shows that they want to keep the owner to themselves because they love attention and will do anything they can to keep it.

Marking territory
Dogs sit at their owner’s feet as a sign of marking their territory. It is usually an open statement to other dogs so as to keep them away. Dogs think that they actually own their handlers and this is why this behavior is common in public areas. They therefore sit at your feet to make you smell like they do as a sign of marking territory. This possessive behavior is common as dogs get very jealous of their owner. This is common with dogs that are naturally dominant.


dog sit


Social anxiety

Dogs get social anxiety depending on the time the owner spends away from them or their lifestyle. Some dogs may be comfortable being left alone while others are not. This scenario is always witnessed when the owner goes away for lengthy periods. On return, the dog will tend to follow the owner around and sit at their feet often. This is an indication that they miss being around the owner, their touch and do not want to be left alone again. This is how they display their unconditional love. Separation anxiety is quite common and any dog will sit at their owner’s feet to reassure themselves of their future presence.


dog pug


No particular reason

Some dogs just like being next to their owners. This is to mean they do not have any particular reason to sit at your feet. It may simply be that the dog receives petting when he does so and likes it.


Most dogs sit at their owner’s feet to get reassurance from them. They are simply seeking affection and love from the owner whenever they do this. The dog may want to stay in physical touch with the owner and that is why they position themselves at their feet where they can touch them all the time.


The above insightful information is proof enough that there is an array of reasons why dogs sit at the owner’s feet. It is usually a factor of the type of dog and other kind of behaviors they display. People who like their dogs sitting at their feet should not do anything to stop it. On the other hand, individuals who are irritated by this behavior can try to discourage it.




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