10 Places Where To Take Your Dog



Every dog owner gets tired of taking his dog to the same place no matter how much he loves it. Unfortunately, most places we go to are not dog friendly. Not every beach, restaurant, or park you go to will have the necessary amenities for your dog to enjoy himself. Thankfully, I have come up with places where you can go together with your pup. Here are the 10 places where to take your dog to give all the fun that he/she deserves.

1. Outdoor shopping plaza

There are many cities nowadays with outdoor plazas. I you live near one, remember to take your dog with you as you go about shopping. You can be sure that he will love doing shopping with you.


dog stores


2. Parks

You can also look for a nearby park or trail and go on a doggy ate with your pup. There, your dog will enjoy the new smells of the new environment and even meet with other dogs. You can also remember to come with some tennis balls to practice fetching and catching and develop his co-ordination skills.

3. The Beach

Dogs love to swim. If you are planning to go to the beach, don’t hesitate to bring your pup with you. There, you can do things like going for a walk, lying on the sand, and even swimming. Just remember to take a swim where the water is shallow for the sake of your pup.


dog beach


4. Pet bakery

Nowadays, pet bakeries are very common in many cities. Apart from getting your dog his favourite treats, they can also bake cakes for your dog’s special occasions. If your city has one, you can take your dog with you and visit it. Apart from loving checking out the pet bakery, he will also enjoy sniffing all the goodies around.

5. Ice cream shop

Some ice cream shops have an outdoor setting where dog owners can take their dogs for a treat. Some even go further into giving pups complementary doggy sundaes when you come with your pup. You can be sure that he will love it as long as you remember to take out chocolate.

6. Backpacking

Taking your dog in your next backpack can be one of his best experiences ever. When planning one, remember to carry a first-aid kit for you and your dog and enough water. While trekking, always remember to check with the authorities whether pets are allowed in that area.


dog backpacking


7. Restaurant

The next time you go to a restaurant, remember to look for one with an outdoor sitting. Since restaurants with outdoor sitting welcome dogs, you can take your pup out for a treat at one.

8. Baseball game

Bringing dogs to sporting events is one of the popular things to do nowadays. Every major league baseball stadiums now allow dogs to come with their owners as well as they are well trained and socialized.

9. Freestyle musical dance

If you have not been to one of this, you will be amazed at the choreographic moves performed by dogs and dog owners. Here, dog owners and their pups engaged in choreographed set of moves performed to music. Here you will both enjoy as you also learn focus and teamwork which is required for this level of expertise.

10. Vacations

Finally, if you have never taken your dog on vacation then you should plan one. Many vacation rentals accept dogs and have training opportunities and games and even other dogs to interact with. Taking your dog on a vacation can be very rewarding for you and your dog.


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