8 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy



Since time immemorial, dogs have been considered to be the best friend of man and that is for a good reason. This is because dogs live for three simple reasons i.e. offer companionship to their masters, protect their masters and just to have fun. If an individual forms a proper relationship with his/her dog, they are guaranteed of receiving a devoted service and loyalty through the entire life of the dog.

8 ways to make your dog happy and keep them that way
There are specific things that can be done so as to make your dog happy and to keep them that way. This is important because dogs that are not stimulated and properly cared for can become unhappy, develop behavioral problems and even become bored.

Below are 8 ways to make your dog happy and to keep them that way:

New toys

Dogs are not as busy as you and me during the day and will therefore spend a better part of the day sleeping and playing. Owners should schedule play time with their dogs and should incorporate toys in such activities. It is important because your dog requires exercise anyway. When a dog plays with the same toy repeatedly, they are bound to get bored at some point and that is why it is important to get them new play toys.


dog toy


Road trip

Dogs get bored when they are locked up all day with nothing to do but wait for their masters to return home every evening. The best possible compensation for your dog is to take him/her out for a drive on the weekends. Safely secure the dog on the car seat, carefully roll the car window down and allow your dog to enjoy the breeze. Do not be worried by the dog howling or barking at nature as it is a sign of happiness.

New treats

There is no better way to reward your dog for a job well done than giving them new treats. Dogs get tired of having the same snack over and over again. This is why owners should get them a variety like new treats that are bound to excite and motivate them to even do better. However, healthy treats are the ones to go for when shopping for new treats for your dog.


new dog treats


Physical and verbal praise
It is important not to always wait for your dog to do a good thing so as to praise him/her. Consistently reassure your dog that he/she is good by patting his head or back each and every time that you cross paths with them. Having the knowledge that he is doing a good job makes him happy and keeps him motivated.

Better health
The ultimate way to make your dog happy and to keep him/her that way is to provide them with better health. Feed him adequate food and take him to the veterinary doctor for medical checkups and vaccinations. The vet should also clip his tows and swap his ears because a healthy dog is a happy one.


dog vet


Training your dog provides a good opportunity for both of you to relate well. It will allow the dog to learn manners, behave better, understand rules and follow them. It is a win-win situation for yourself and the dog hence will strengthen your existing relationship and make the dog happy.

Bonding moments
It is critical for an owner to create an exemplary relationship with their dog. It allows both of you to get closer thus enhancing the instincts he has to protect you. Pet your dog when at home, watch TV together, sing to him and even invite him to bed with you. These bonding moments will assure the dog of your love and ultimately make him happy.

Walking your dog is good exercise for him but also excites him as he can experience new things and people, run around and get some fresh air. Generally, walks make dogs happy.

The above 8 ways to make your dog happy and keep them that way have been proved to be very effective through experience. Try them today for a happier dog.



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