10 Ways To Get Your Rescue Dog To Trust You



If you going for a rescue dog, there are some few facts that you need to understand about them. Most of these dogs are raised in an improper way and with terrible conditions. They are likely to be scared, shy and overprotective. Having such a dog trust you will require a lot of patience. But how can you gain their trust? Here are 10 ways to get your rescue dog to trust you:

1. Show Calm and Show Respect

Yelling at a rescue dog is the worst thing that you can do. These are horrifying experiences that he/she had been going through at the rescue center and you end up scaring him even more. You need to show calmness, love, and respect towards them. Make the dog feel excited to remove fear so as to make them start trusting you.

2. Give Space
Though your love may keep you around him all the time, it is important to understand that they also need a space. The fact that they might not have experienced human interaction in their entire, they need to adjust to the new lifestyle. They need the space they have been lacking while at center’s cages to feel free.


rescue dog


3. Guarantee Protection
Though dogs are meant for protection, this might not the case with a rescue dog at the start. For these dogs, you need to show them that you can and will protect them. They need protection so that they can start trusting you and develop a positive relationship. For instance, if the dog shows restlessness, calm them down.

4. Do What the Dog Loves
It will be very important to understand your dog and get to know what they love the most. Dogs have different tastes just like human being, and you need to be very observant. If they love riding in the car, do it as much as you can. This will help a lot in developing the trust between you two.

5. Show Comfort
Any time the dog is frightened, it will be the perfect time to show comfort. Show them that you care. The dog will like and feels this energy and it will boost a lot the confidence levels that they have for you.

6. Sleep Together With The Dog
Letting your dog sleep in your bedroom will be a great boost in their confidence and trust levels. It mostly works well for the first weeks of the dog stay. Sleeping in the same room gives you more time to spend together with the dog and it will significantly improve your relationship.


sleeping dog


7. Feed The Dog Personally
Just like little kids, you can create a very strong relationship with a rescue dog by feeding them personally. Try the best that you can to find the time and feed him/her by yourself. This is something that they never experienced in the rescue center.

8. Wait For the Dog To Come To You
Most dogs will naturally come to human even when they strangers to them. But this might not be the case with a rescue dog. This is mostly because they have been hurt by bad people before. Therefore, don’t go to the dog but wait for it to come for you.

9. Have Fun With the Dog
Just like humans, dogs love fun and they will develop affection to anyone who provides it to them. Make sure that you have all the fun with the dog and mostly doing what they love most. Take them out for a walk frequently.


dog walk


10. Reduce Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is a common problem with a rescue dog. It makes them feel insecure and unwanted. You can reduce this feeling by spending more time and making sure that the dog is rarely alone. If you go out for work, make sure that dog can interact with other or dogs.

These are the 10 ways to get your rescue dog to trust you. Try them and you will be impressed by the results.




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