Remedies For Dogs With Allergies



Dogs develop allergic reactions when their body immune system, interact with the everyday allergens, just like human beings. The dangerous allergens are everywhere and common to other animals. When inhaled, eaten or is in contact with a dog’s skin, it becomes problematic. In trying to get rid of the allergens, skin diseases symptoms exhibits as well as other digestive and respiratory symptoms. Some of the symptoms are; itchy, red and scabbed skin, runny eyes, itchy back or base of the tail, itchy ears and ear infection, sneezing, constant vomiting and constant licking. Dogs can be allergic to trees, grass pollen, mold spores, cleaning detergents, food, fleas and dander among others.

What To Do
Whenever our dogs show such symptoms of dry skin allergies, we are always left not knowing how to help them out of their agitation and pain. Here are some of the remedies of dogs with dry itchy skin reaction:

Administer Vitamin E
If you notice your dog showing symptoms of an allergic reaction on the skin, immediately take your dog to a veterinary who will give him a dose of vitamin E which provide added moisture and help in growth of new skin.




Give Your Dog A Bath
This is a way of if not preventing skin itchiness of your dog, relieving your dog from an itchy skin. Make sure that bathing your dog is an often practice. Also, remember not to bath your dog with a lot of soap.

Make a mixture of vinegar with water and pour it on the area where your dog is scratching. This will give it a soothing feeling especially if it was from a flea bite.


dog bathing


Dog diet
The nutrient your dog is ingesting is important for his skin. Make sure your dog eats a well balanced diet with fat although not excess of fat. Fish oil is known to be best for your dog.

Over The Counter Creams Or Sprays
Some ointments are good for your dog’s itch skin. Purchase a cream and apply it on the itch area on your dog’s skin. This could save you the veterinary fee and is also effective.

Daily Brushing
Ensure that you constantly brush your dog’s skin so as to rid off any allergens present on the skin and prevent further skin dryness and itchiness.

Dry Shampoo
If your dog fears water, and getting him into water is a problem, a all-natural dry shampoo is an alternative in keeping his skin healthy.


dog clean


Baking Powder
Normally, we use baking powder in our houses for other purposes, but when our dogs are highly irritated by a dry skin, prepare a mixture of water and baking powder and apply on the affected area of your dog’s skin.

Epsom Salt
Mixed in warm water, a bath with Epsom salt can provide a quick remedy to a dry itch skin of your dog especially at the pores.

Yogurt is used to curb bacteria and feeding yogurt to your dog is a way of keeping the bacteria in our dog’s intestine balanced and thus boosting his immune system ensuring skin itchiness and diseases are prevented.

Allergic reactions are dangerous and if not treated early, our dogs could succumb to it. Therefore, whenever we notice any skin itchiness symptoms on our dogs, apart from visiting a veterinary we can also use Eucalyptus conditioner to bath our dogs, essential oil shampoo and herbal flea powder. It can be itchy, but it also treatable.




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