How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Wild Animals



Wild animals might seem harmless. However, several species of animals that live in the wild carry a series of diseases. Wild animals often times carry transmittable viruses, for example rabies, that can be harmful to your dog. You need to learn how to keep your dog safe. By following these simple tips, you and your dog be able to roam free without worry.

Know Your Animals

The best way to keep your dog safe is to be aware of the animals in your area. This way you can arm yourself with the best protection: knowledge. By learning what wild animals lurk around your neighborhood, you can learn how to defend your dog against trouble. Just keep one thing in mind when it comes to wild animals and dog encounters. Usually, wild animals do not attack unless they feel threatened or scared.

Carrying pepper spray will work efficiently in fending off any predators during a walk. While you are walking your dog, if a unfriendly rodent walks your way, such as a raccoon just spray! Chances are the pesky raccoon will not care too much for the burning stinging sensation and will run on home.
You should avoid an encounter will any wild animal at any time. A skunk spray takes days to remove. Various animal scratches and bites can cause infections which can make your dog very sick. On top of the fact there is you to worry about. Walk away if you are every worried. You and your dog are more important.




Keep Your Dog In Your Yard
If you have a species of dog that is under five pounds, keep a close eye on the little guy. There is one predator that may appear friendly,however, it is far from it. An owl is a wild animal with one thing on its mind: dinner. The sad thing is that your dog may be on the menu. This is because an owl is a predator who eats other animals. If you spot an owl, here are a few things to keep in mind. Always keep small dogs on a chain in the yard, or play with them. While walking your pup, never forget the leash.


dog on leash


Use The Scare Tactic
A great way to fend off wild animals is to create devices that will frighten them. Scare the little furry pants off any wild animal that does come your way . There are various different things you can purchase from pet stores to help the prevent an encounter occur. Time activated and motion senors devices seem to be the most popular. You can line these device throughout the yard.





The reason scare tactics work on wild animals is really quiet interesting. They are scared away from a motion senor device that make an odd noise, because it is foreign. In their world, what they do not know to be real, they are scared of. Usually a wild animal is only sniffing around to rummage through a garden or looking for water. So, if you have a garden, you can add additional protection around it.




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