How To Get Your Dog To Roll Over



You have probably already trained your dog to sit by himself or perhaps lie down without any assistance. Now, he is certainly ready to master a much more advanced trick; the roll over. This trick is both impressive and simple for your dog to learn. As you commence the training, always make sure he already knows how to lie down. This is a vital step for him to be able to execute the roll over as he must be in this given position.

Should your dog not understand how to lie down on his own, take the time and effort to train him. Also, have some treats that he loves, but does not get often, at hand. Some of the most notable of these can include lean lunch meats, cheese or even store bought treats. Take time to divide the treats into diminutive parts to ensure they can last all through the whole session. It will also keep him from getting full too fast. Whetting his appetite every now and then, will keep your dog motivated to learn this trick. Well then, here are some tips on how to get your dog to roll over in a stress-free manner.

Command Your Dog To Lie Down

Like it was previously stated, your dog ought to begin the roll over in the laying down position. This will allow him to rest his stomach on the ground and position his paws in front and his head uplifted. From this given position, he will be able to roll over much more easier and more importantly without harming himself.


dog laying down


Move A Treat Close To His Face

Next, crouch down and proffer a treat where he will be able to both see and smell it. As you do so, make sure you firmly grasp the treat with your fingers in order to prevent him to snatch it from your hand, until he has executed the roll over. As you flaunt the treat, tell him to roll over.


dog treat


Rotate The Treat Around His Head and Ensure His Nose Follows It

When his nose is attracted to the proffered treat, his head will naturally follow it, and when he moves in the motion you describe, his body will also follow suit, and he will in the long run, roll over. As your dog moves, say ‘roll over’ in a friendly voice. The main thing to bear in mind at this point is that you should make sure your dog can be able to link this command with the physical act of rolling over.


dog treats


Assist Your Dog Executing The Roll Over and When Does Practice With Him On A Frequently Basis

If at this point, your dog cannot roll over on his own without your help, gently assist him until he can masters the trick. So, take time to practice with him repeatedly, since this particular trick can be difficult for a dog to execute without constant practice. As you practice, continue to reward him with treats, especially when he makes big progress. Doing this will keep your dog motivated to keep trying harder to master the roll over. Finally, never forget to praise him vocally as dogs always respond remarkably well to verbal encouragement.




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