12 Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking


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You really love your dog and you have developed a very good relationship together but you are just annoyed by the continuous barking. Trying to stop your dog from continuous barking can be very frustrating especially when it seems she is barking for no meaningful reason.

Prolonged barking can be very stressful especially when it happens at night bringing a lot of complaints from family members and neighbors. It is, however, important to understand that dogs bark for different reasons. This can be to request for playing time, about to go on offensive mode, or just to get the owner’s attention. They can bark when stressed, lonely or when bored.

Barking is a very normal behavior in a dog and stopping the annoying barking behavior will not mean they will not bark again. There are different ways in which you can be able to stop your dog from barking. Below are 12 ways to get your dog to stop barking.

1. Ignore the barking.

Try and ignore the barking for as long as possible until it stops barking by itself. Attention should not be given when he is barking because some dogs always bark for attention.

2. Remove any motivation he gets from barking.

In most cases, the dog gets some kind of motivation by barking. She knows that there is something that will be achieved by the barking.


barking dog


3. Train your dog to bark on command.

Let your dog understand only to bark when commanded to do so. Once your dog is able to understand to bark on command, you can go ahead and train on how to be quiet.

4. Keep your dog exhausted.

Make sure that your dog has sufficient physical activity during the day. A tired dog is unlikely to bark because of boredom.

5. Block her view.

Some dogs bark because of seeing something. This can be a stranger or another dog. Blocking the view will reduce the barking as she will not be able to see any strange thing outside.


dogs barking


6. Toys.

For dogs that bark because of boredom, having the toys to play with might play a major trick. The toys are able to make your dog busy which lead to fatigue.

7. Reward absence of barking.

Dogs always notice when they are rewarded for doing something. If you reward a dog for being quiet, they will always try as much as possible to remain quiet to get the reward.

8. Professional training.

There are some techniques that can only be used by professional dog trainers. This will be more necessary if you have tried to stop the barking by yourself but it has not worked.

9. Check if the barking problem is health related.

Some medical problems are known to cause excessive barking in dogs. This can be injuries, different types of medical conditions. It is also advisable to visit a vet just to rule out this cause.

10. Find the replacement behavior.

The best way to train an excessively barking dog is to train her on the alternative. By this, she will realize that for her to get your attention, she must use the alternative behavior.


woof woof


11. Meet the dog’s needs.

Sometimes a dog might bark because she needs a basic necessity like food or water. Try and make sure that there is sufficient water. Food should also be provided at the right time.

12. Stops the things that bother her.

If your dog is barking due to a particular behavior of the family members or noise, you can reduce this to make her stop.


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