How To Get Your Dog To Use The Bathroom Outside


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Training a dog to use the bathroom outside does have some methodology to it. One can have a great attitude and calm demeanor and diligently train a dog poorly! That’s why you must have the proper technique. There’s no way for me to know your dog’s exact breed to tell you the “perfect” potty training technique for that specific breed, but here are three of the best ways of housebreaking your dog:


  • Using a Crate


  • Hand Cuffing the Dog To you


  • Using Puppy Pads


  • Set Up Boundaries


Using a Crate:


dog crate


“Crate Training” must be taken into consideration. I will not go into detail about how to train your dog to stay in his or her crate without whining, but I will just say that it takes a good attitude, a calm demeanor, and diligence (as covered in part 1).

Using a crate is one of the most popular, and potentially the most helpful way to get your dog potty trained. How this works is that you put your puppy dog in the crate when you can’t supervise them on a constant basis. Periodically you’ll take your dog out and when it uses the bathroom, praise him or her liberally.


dog peeing


“Hand Cuffing” the dog to you:

This training technique magic technique other than the magic of tight supervision. Place a leash on your dog, and tether it to you by wrapping the leash around your wrist or foot. It will allow you to know when/if your pooch needs to use the bathroom, and will allow you to take your puppy out more frequently, and allow you to have control over when your dog gets to use the potty.


dog leash


Using Puppy Pads:

Using puppy pads in potty training a dog requires a lot of praising and discipline. Make sure that the dog knows that his or her place to potty is on the pad. When your dog becomes comfortable with this, all you have to do (if you wish for your dog to use the bathroom outside) is then begin moving the pad toward the outside, or designated potty area.

Setting up boundaries:

Set up boundaries around your house is fairly easy with some of the today’s products that are on the line. Although this isn’t directly related to potty training a dog, this is extremely valuable if there is a definite area of your house you wish for them to stay away from.

Using everyday products such as cleaning ammonia, cayenne pepper,  anything citrus , dogs don’t like anything that smells like citrus,  and that includes oranges, lemons, limes, and even grapefruit, or certain odors that get on your dog’s nerves,  you can set up scent-driven boundaries that will help you train your dog to “stay away.” Also, there is a technique of using tape (upside down) that will catch onto their paws. This scares them out of whatever room they were entering.

Vinegar is another item that dogs don’t like the smell of, which could also be used to set up scent-driven boundries.


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