10 Ways To Get Your Dog To Howl



Have you been trying hard to make your dog howl with little success? There are many tricks you can try out! Dog breeds like the scent hounds, foxhounds, beagles and wolf-like dogs such as hounds and huskies howl easily.
If your dog belongs to other breeds, you have your work cut out for you as it takes a bit more training and hoaxing. Dogs howl as a way of communicating, which explains why they mostly do it out their own free will.

Why Dogs Howl

Some canines will howl as a way of warning the owner or other dogs of impending threats. Wailing sounds (sirens) may also get your dog howling as its natural instincts kick in. They also howl to communicate among themselves or as a bonding ritual.


dog howling


While the wild and hunting dogs are accustomed to howling, some breeds will just do it to express boredom or gain your attention! This explains why some domestic dogs don’t howl as much.

Try out these 10 ways to get your dog to howl;

#1 Using Treats

Whenever your dog howls, regardless of the trigger, rewarding him/her with treats entices them to do even more. Giving them some form of positive reinforcement and some treats or praise will definitely keep the howls going. By associating howling with tasty rewards, your companion will be more willing to comply with your commands.


dog howl


Tip: You can a clicker-to-clicker to train your pet how to howl when you make a clicker.

#2 Find Out Whether Your Dog Howls When You’re Out

In most instances, dogs howl out of anxiety. Setting up a recording camera or simply reviewing your home’s security video footage will let you know whether your absence triggers howling. With a clear idea of why and how the dog howls, you have an easier time teaching him/her how to howling.

#3 Make Them Socialize With Other Dogs

Your dog’s best howling teachers are his/her peers! By taking your dog out to play with others that already know how to howl, they learn more quickly out of the need to fit in. In their natural habitats, animals learn and grow by observing and trying out what the pack does; this will definitely work for your pet.


#4 Finding Out Which Music Your Pet Enjoys

You might have noticed that your dog never ‘sings’ as you listen to your music; a big sign that it’s not their type. To get your dog howling, try playing a variety of music, taking note of which genres gets it’s tail wagging. Your dog will be intrigued to bark, whimper or howl to specific songs.

#5 Be The Pack Leader

As much as you see your dog as a pet, they see you as the pack leader. Your dog will naturally try to mimic what you do, including singing and making sounds! After discovering your pet’s favorite instrument, try singing along to it and he/she might just join in by howling.

Tip: If the dog needs prompting, you can play their favorite song briefly or issue the ‘sing’ command.

#6 Record The Dog’s Howl

If you have recordings of your pet howling, playing them will instantly trigger their reaction. As soon as the dog howls, throw in a treat and he will surely keep up the good work. It is entirely possible for your dog to forget how to howl especially when they are new to it. A recording reminds him to howl just like he did before.

#7 Show Videos Of Dogs Howling

There are countless videos of dogs howling online. After selecting the most relatable one, play it as your dog watches closely. For the best results, play the video on a big screen; this tricks your dog into ‘communicating’ with the other dogs, possibly by howling. With time and regular treats, your dog will be howling without having to watch a video.


border collie howling


#8 Never Scold or Punish Them For Not Howling

If your dog fails to comply with your instructions, punishing them is not only wrong but also discourages them a great deal. Your pet will become less interested after associating the howling with punishment, in this case howling. Dogs do better when they treated well and dismally when exposed to violence.

#9 Make Funny Faces

You certainly enjoy playing around with your dog. Why not try teaching your dog to howl coming up with a special sound or funny face to make your dog howl? The trick is to make him/her as jovial as possible. While at it, dangle the dog’s favorite treat around.

#10 Keep Practising

For your dog to learn the art of howling perfectly, you need to set aside in enough time for training. Eventually, your dog has to internalize how to howl without you having to sing or using a particular instrument.

You could work towards issuing the ‘Sing’ command or naming the dog’s favorite song’s name for them to howl. If it fails to work at first, you could sing a few lines to jog your dog’s memory.

Are you looking forward to sharing lots of unforgettable moments with your dog? These 10 ways to get your dog to howl will make this experience all the more fun and rewarding! Cheers.


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