10 Signs That Your Dog Is Happy



A dog may not be able to vocalize their feelings, but we can learn a lot just by observing their actions. It is common for one to be worried that they wouldnt properly understand their dog; for instance, does a bark mean that he is upset? Excited? Scared? While we know that dog personalities differ, the fact remains that they all exhibit some common actions when they are happy. Here are the top 10 signs that your dog is in a good mood.

1. Relaxed Ears

Although ear shapes differ among the breeds, a happy dog would have their ears at ease when they are happy and relaxed. Unless something interesting happens around them, which would get the dog to prick either one or both ears forward, a happy dog will simply let their ears droop.


happy dog


2. A **Smiling’ Mouth  A happy dog appears to smile when they are hapy. They do so by relaxing their mouth, which allows the tongue to roll out and some teeth to be visible. Do note that if the lips curl back it could be a sign of aggression.

3. The Tail Wag

This is perhaps one of the most common signs that a dog is relaxed, comfortable and happy. The tail would be in its natural position and in a wagging motion that involves the whole body.

4. Has A Good Appetite

A happy dog eats well and is less likely to be picky on their food. A dog that doesn’t show signs of a good appetite could be lonely or have a medical condition affecting their eating habits.


dog eating


5. Is Playful and Active

When your dog is healthy and happy, he would be very playful, chewing on toys and running around. If you notice that your dog is unusually bored, sleeps a lot and doesnt want to play, you might need to get them checked to ensure that nothing is wrong.

6. Sleeps Well

When your dog wants to sleep,they should just get into a comfortable spot, curl up and sleep. A dog that does this is generally healthy and happy. If however they have a difficult time falling asleep, often getting up and shifting from their position several times, it could be signs of distress.

7. They Enjoy Being Close

A happy dog enjoys being close to people. When you pet them, they would lean in and stay close instead of walking away.

8. Less Aggression

They do not destroy things around them or get aggressive towards other dogs. When your dog is in a good mood for example, she would chew on her toys instead of chewing on your shoes.


dog chewing


9. A healthy Appearance

A happy dog will generally look healthy. Their weight, walking posture right down to their cot would show that they are well taken care of and that they are happy. If for example the dog has a flaky coat that sheds a lot, it could mean that the pup is distressed or that they need medical attention.

10. Its All In The Eyes

Just like with us humans, dog eyes communicate a lot. A happy dog will have a soft gaze and their eyes will have a normal shape. Dogs change their eye shape according to how they feel. Just look at how they react when playing, when they see food, when they see a stranger etc. Soon you will be able to know when your dog is happy just by looking at their eyes.
As we had mentioned earlier, every dog is different, so they may express their happiness in different ways. It is imperative that you observe your dog so that you can properly discern their emotions. If you suspect that something is wrong, take action fast by taking your pup to the vet.


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